Switch Up Your Workouts To Torch More Calories

Burn More Calories

Summer is officially here!  While I’m sure many will argue with me, this heat is awesome!  It means, though, that we are going to want to wear our cutest sundresses, sexiest tank tops and maybe even our prettiest bikinis.

Yikes!  Summer clothes are not designed to cover up our least favorite body parts though.  How many times have you dreaded summer just a little because you’re still carrying around a bit extra winter weight?

Yep, that’s me for sure!


But, did you know that you can slim down quite fast if you just change up your workouts?  I’m not telling you to work out more often or even that much harder either.  All you need to do is take your regular workout schedule and switch things up!


Would you like to hear more?  Well, read on!

I’m going to give you a little scenario to help explain what I’m talking about…

Okay, so let’s take Janet as an example.

Burn More Calories

Janet has been running on a treadmill 3 times a week throughout the winter and spring for about 30 minutes per session.  She also does a 45-minute dumbbell strengthening workout once each week and she attends a 60-minute Zumba class every weekend.

Janet is doing great!

But, Janet wants to lose a few inches off her waistline before she has to attend her in-laws’ pool party later this month.  Besides starving herself, what can Janet do to look and feel her best in only 3 weeks?  (And by the way, I do not believe in starving yourself – that’s only going to mess up your metabolism big time!)

Let’s take Janet’s workout schedule and switch it up for her so that she starts to see results fast.

Janet can take one of her 30-minute treadmill runs and, instead of running at a steady state for the duration, make this an interval or tabata run sequence instead.  Intervals done at a higher intensity than normal torch calories fast.  And, your body continues to burn calories well after you’ve finished your workout.

Janet can also switch up that strength session so that she is using different equipment.  Instead of only using the dumbbells, Janet can start incorporating exercises on the TRX suspension trainer, using the kettlebells or battle ropes, or even adding a few medicine ball moves too.

Burn More Calories

And, because Janet has a pretty busy life, adding in a yoga class once a week will help keep her stress levels at a manageable level – something that is VERY important if you want to lose weight.


Here is what Janet’s new, ramped up workout schedule will look like:

Monday:  30-Minute Steady State Run

Tuesday:  45-Minute Strength Workout (using as many pieces of portable equipment as possible)

Wednesday:  30-Minute Interval Run

Thursday:  Yoga (optional)

Friday: 30-Minute Steady State Run

Saturday:  Zumba Class

Sunday:  30 Minute Brisk Walk


Your workouts can be much more effective if you swap a few steady state cardio sessions for high intensity interval workouts, or start to play with various different portable equipment.

(The opposite can be true as well, especially if you experience a lot of stress.  If you’re doing a ton of HIIT or cross-fit workouts and not seeing results, trying cutting back on the intensity training.  Swap in a steady state run or cycle session and attend a yoga class or two each week.)

When you switch up your routine, your muscles never become adapted so they must always work hard to keep up with your busy activities.


Come out and enjoy a total body workout at my outdoor group fitness classes this summer too!  You’ll be introduced to many different pieces of equipment and learn new moves that you can easily take back to your gym.  I’ll introduce you to the world of effective interval training too!

For more information, please visit my website for a special offer.  Classes run every Tuesday evening through the summer from 6:45-7:45 in the Douglas Glen Park, SE Calgary.

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